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Select one of the frequently asked questions below to learn more about buying, selling, and renting real estate. Also, begin to think about important things to consider when diving into your real estate search.

How to post property on the site ( ?

You will need to register and postĀ  our site. You can register on this page right top corner :

Simply click Sign Up/Login icon and provide necessary details and click register or login. You will redirect to profile page or add listing form.

How do I upload images for the Ad ?

Select your property images and upload it on the site.

What are the charges applicable ?

Charges are not applicable right now, customers are free to upload.


How do we promote the Ad ?

It is based on the customer’s needs to reach the property on site.
Based on the priority level , quick sale by customer and the time.

How long will the Ad continue for the site ?

Advertisements shown to the site by the customer time period, it differs fromĀ  (1 month , 2 months,3 months)

Package that customers choose ,when they upload

What are the options needed to stay fix the Ad for a Long Term ?

Choosing the package list by the customers .

Package Based , under our site is unique and eligible by the customers

(Economic/Pro/Unlimited Membership)

How can I Sell / Rent My Property through Ad ?

Technical tools to attract viewers by our site, with the suggestion of the customers.
Keep in touch with us and get ideas to market your own property with a minimum budget.

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