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Established in 2019, dreamspace.lk is currently Sri Lanka’s most visited property and apartment listing website / real estate website with the highest number of Sri Lanka ads for properties listed in the market. It has also been recognized as one of the best house sale and apartment rental sites in Sri Lanka by the large loyal home and apartment finder customer base. We have become the most popular place for Sri Lankans to buy, rent and sell their properties. The site features having finest of properties spanning across houses, apartments, annexes, and lands for both rent and sale in all four corners of the island. The company website is open to anyone to submit their property for sale, property for rent, land sales or any similar service ads in Sri Lanka. The detailed information provided on each apartment complex including their house plans further helps customers make informed decisions on their housing choices in one platform rather than having to visit a range of apartment sites and apartment guide websites.

Dreamspace is one of the finest platform to the customers who are willing to buy or sale their property without any charges are applicable. All information sources are confidential; and secure by our site with having removal of technological obsolence.

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